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How Ozcart helps you sell online

An affordable, hosted, shopping cart solution for your business

Starting an online business? Do it with less hassle. Get country-specific online shop features, Canadian-based support, and a striking ecommerce design that is easy to customize with the built-in visual live editor. Your store will be mobile, tablet and desktop shopper ready, and hosted by us on our secure server (with daily backups of all your website’s data). Never worry about losing your work.

Below, you’ll find some of the features that make Ozcart Ecommerce solutions useful and set us apart.

Responsive Design

Your store’s design will be mobile responsive, which means that the design of your site will adjust itself to fit the screen that is displaying it. So, whether your customers are shopping on a mobile, tablet, desktop or in a tab on your Facebook account, they’ll have a similar experience which promotes your brand in a consistent way regardless of the device used for shopping.

Design it your way – DIY Visual Theme Editor

Get your site looking exactly the way you want it to. Edit the fonts, colours, and menus yourself to your heart’s content. As you make changes, the changes can be seen in your site as you work. You can apply your design site-wide or to just one page.

Add graphical content in menus

Use store can use text, graphics, columns and even video in your navigation menus with their own drag and drop builder.

Choose a Base Theme

We’ll build your site using your choice of base theme from our collection. You can then use the Visual Design editor to personalise the theme to suit your business look and feel.

Aussie out-of-the-box

Ozcart is the shopping cart software tailored for Australia (among other countries). If you have products to sell, sell them online with Ozcart. Our hosted ecommerce solutions are designed to suit the special needs of Australian businesses. For example, you can use Australian shipping methods and real time calculators in your shopping cart, process payments with Australian payment methods through Aussie banks, and take advantage of many marketing tools like exports to shopping comparison tools like Google Shopping or Myshopping.com.au to help you convert more website visitors into buyers.

No installation necessary

Because Ozcart ecommerce websites are hosted for you, there’s no installation program to run. You get a site that’s fully operational – you just need to fill it with your data, products, and set it up how you want. You get a web-based login within 48 hours of ordering where you can immediately start working on loading your products, tweaking the look, writing your policies, configuring your shipping/payments and testing the checkout.

Sell Physical or Digital Products and services

Whether you’re selling physical items like clothing, pet items, jewellery, craft items, electronics, smartphones (cellphones), computers, books, or digital products like eBooks, software, WordPress themes (or other CMS themes), plugins, music, our shopping cart makes it easy for you to manage your products.

You can collect files from customers at checkout, show PDF information sheets and provide product specs in easy to display product pages. You can manage images from your administration panel and watermark them with your logo, if you wish.

Packing estimator for more accurate real-time quotes

Get more accurate real time shipping prices if you have products of different sizes.  Ozcart stores allow you to pre-define the sizes of the boxes you have on hand. When a customer goes through checkout it will compare the sizes of those items and the available boxes. It will estimate the way that your items will be packed by you when you post them. It sends this estimate to the shipping providers when requesting a quote. Since Australia Post takes box sizes into account for domestic packages over 1kg, this results in more accurate shipping estimates – so you are not out of pocket when posting your orders.

Log in with Facebook

Reduce abandoned carts by allowing customers to sign up in your store by just logging in with their Facebook account. The customer’s data will be then sent by Facebook to your store and a customer account automatically created for them. Fast and Easy.



Word of mouth is an important selling tool, so Ozcart allows you to accept reviews of your products by customers and display the reviews and star ratings on product pages.

Social Media Sharing

Encourage visitors to share their favourite products and blog posts with their friends using built-in social media sharing buttons. Choose to show Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Google+ buttons. You can also encourage customers to leave comments about products using their Facebook accounts.


Coupon Codes

Discount codes are usually an important part of a marketer’s arsenal. Dollar value or percent-off coupons can be created, and you can control the start and end dates for promotions to schedule them. Once active, you can post your codes on discount code websites or your social media for additional exposure.

Create Marketing Campaigns

You can create a campaign with a specific URL and then track clicks through to that campaign page. You can also create a custom landing page layout and assign it to a specific page in your site.

Connect to Google and Bing

Track progress with your marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) with Google or Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics. Just enter your meta tracking code for Google Webmaster Tools to connect up your site to your Google account and start collecting data.

Search-Engine Friendly URLs

You can create a search engine URL to describe your item so instead of https://www.yourdomain.com.au/index.php?id=1029 you could have https://www.yourdomain.com.au/pearl-necklace. Makes it easier for you to promote a link to the page, and gives search engines another cue as to the main content on your page.

Track Abandoned Carts

What pathways are your customers taking through your website to make a purchase? If customers are abandoning their shopping cart before purchasing, at what point are they doing this? By tracking abandoned carts you can see if customers are leaving at the same place in your site which will give you some clues about what you could change to increase conversion rates.

Layered Navigation Filters for easier searching

Let your customers find your products with Filters. Filters are sometimes called Layered Navigation, and let customers create searches on the fly to choose the criteria that they want to use to search your store without having to type in a search phrase or browse by category.


Build a dialog with your current and future customers with a built in news manager blog. You can include text, graphics and video in posts so you can use it to keep the world informed about your store, and establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise. This helps build your reputation in the search engines. If you accept comments, you can moderate any comments before they are published.

Sell on Facebook

Display your web store in a tab on your Facebook page. To see how it works, visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OzcartEcommerce and click the Try Demo tab. You can then see our demo shop directly on our Facebook page.

Email Marketing through Newsletters

Built-in newsletter subscriber system and email newsletter mailing system lets you communicate with your customers and build rapport with them. Customers can also initiate conversations with you about their order from their account area.

Easy to use admin panel

Manage your store with a friendly web-based administration panel. No code to edit, unless you want to.

Drag and Drop page editor

You can add components like text, video, new arrivals sections or banners to your store and then place them using the drag and drop layout management tool.

World-Class Hosting Included

Ozcart websites are hosted for you. Hosting of each website is in a high-performance data centre amongst the very best in the world. We work behind the scenes to manage security and load to keep our servers as dependable as possible for your online shop.

Some plans also get free email hosting.

SSL Encryption

Your data is scrambled by 256 bit bank-level SSL encryption as it travels from our servers to payment providers for processing. All parts of your website are protected with SSL encryption – both your customer facing side, and your store’s administration management panel.

Enhanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention

For your peace of mind when it comes to security, we have hardened the operating systems of our servers, removing non-essential features and applying non-typical configurations – to reduce the risk of random automated attacks. We have also deployed brute force intrusion detection and DDoS prevention and detection measures on our servers.

Your online store is therefore protected with the following:

SSL encryption across the entire website and administration panel
DDoS protection at the network and data centre level
Servers are monitored and managed in a world class data centre, 24/7
Servers are Firewalled
Servers have HTTP intrusion detection
Servers have daily security audits run on them including CXS (ConfigServer eXploit Scanner) scans
Servers have enhanced website security logging to detect and diagnose potential issues
Websites are carefully ringfenced with special isolation software
Daily data backups

PCI Compliant

Your website is configured to Visa and MasterCard’s strict set of security criteria – servers are scanned quarterly by us to reconfirm and keep those configurations up-to-date with the changing needs of the industry.

6 days a week email support

Our support is always available and willing to help you via our e-mail based support system. We don’t have phone support, but if you submit your question to us via our electronic system, we will reply to you. We will do our very best to help you. Hours of operation, Sunday to Friday, from 8am – 8pm (EST).

24 hour access to our knowledge base help

We have an online knowledge base with over 350 articles available to help you do as much as you can without having to wait for help. Knowledge base articles include screenshots and step-by-step instructions wherever possible. We have some video-based tutorials available as well. New articles are created based on the support questions we are asked, so the online knowledge base grows.

Sample knowledge base article - adding extra images

Sample Video Tutorial - How to add a Product

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